Southeast Turbines Engine Overhaul Management Program

Don’t feel like you’re left alone with something so important. Let our engine specialists help guide you through the overhaul process. By teaming with a Pratt & Whitney factory trained engine specialists, with years of combined experience, there is one thing you can count on—Value!

How It Works

Engine Overhaul Management Program


What WE DO:

  • Advise the owner/operator and project manage the entire engine overhaul process
  • Visually witness the complete engine teardown and provide a detailed inspection report to the owner/operator
  • Provide in depth analysis of service bulletins and cost estimate analysis
  • Advise the owner/operator on the use of new versus overhauled parts
  • Evaluate engine test cell parameters
  • Installation of overhauled engine and accompany customer on test flight to ensure customers satisfaction.

We manage your engine
overhaul project every
step of the way

Analyze & research
your specific overhaul
project needs

Advise owner/operator on, specific cost savings and parts throughout the entire process

Manage and over-see the engine overhaul process from start to finish with the customers best interest in mind

Our Mission

The Engine overhaul management program was created to oversee every aspect of an engine major overhaul and repair so that you, as an owner/operator, can focus on broader issues. Our job, as engine specialists, is to project manage every detail of the overhaul process from the time the engine is removed, until the engine is reinstalled and test flown. A Southeast Turbines specialist will be on-site for the engine tear-down and provide you with a comprehensive report along with images of actual components. Our mission is simple. Focus our attention on the technical details, review service bulletins and cost analysis, and provide our customers value savings.